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  • Rejuvenates the pad when the polishes/compounds flash off
  • Reactivates the polishes/compounds left on the pad
  • Also extends polishing time when using rotary polisher

The heavy and quick cutting of some polishers can cause the surface to become very hot and cause the oils in the polishes/compounds to prematurely flash off. One fine mist of NANOSKIN PAD REJUVENATOR to the center of the used pad is enough lubrication to reactivate the pad and get it back to a serviceable condition. DO NOT APPLY MORE POLISHES/COMPOUNDS TO THE PAD until all excess compound is removed off the pad and the pad is completely lubricated then apply a quarter size (1″ diameter or 2.5 cm.) amount of product to center of pad. More compound IS NOT the answer. After spraying PAD REJUVENATOR on the pad, you will find you will be able to finish a section without any additional compounds. There was a commercial many years ago saying, “A little dab will do you” and that ‘s the way this system works. This pad rejuvenator is also ideal for rotary polisher users to give them extended polishing time.


When excess polishes/compounds flash off on the pad, simply spray one fine mist of PAD REJUVENATOR to the center of the pad, then you can continue to work on the surface until the excess polishes/compounds are removed off the pad.


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