Slow Ceramic Coating V1

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Product Description:

Possibly the easiest to apply Nano Glass Coating for car paint in the world – UNC v1 – Perfect or DIY Enthusiasts.

10 times better than wax, super easy to apply!

  • 30ml

Product Description:

Max Protect Ultimate Nano Coat v1 – the original Nano Glass Coating
UNC v1 is a permanent nano glass coating and will bond to most surfaces of the vehicle. Paintwork, plastic trim, rubber, metal, vinyl, Perspex glass, wheels, exhausts, chrome, etc., can all be protected with a simple application of Ultimate Nano Coat v1.

Adds deep gloss to the paintwork and restores plastic trim back to the original colour without making it shiny. All protected surfaces are water, oil and dirt repellent and totally sealed.

Thanks to the state of the art human engineering, UNC v1 is super durable and has high resistance to chemical attacks (truck wash, bird poo, acid rain, wheel cleaner, salt on roads, bugs, etc.), it also does not get damaged by sun’s UV and IR rays and has strong UV filters built in. The coating will perform equally well in acidic or alkali conditions.

Ultimate Nano Coat v1 is very easy to apply and great results can be achieved by anyone. It’s slowly curing, which means you have lots of time to remove it before it flashes off. This property enables it to be used by anyone, with no training necessary*

How does it work?

The coating consists of Nano scale particles, which are so tiny they can penetrate the surface and fill all the pores and cracks. Once all the pores and cracks are filled, the surface is totally sealed from inside and tiny dirt particles, brake dust, tree sap, etc. can no longer contaminate the pores and cracks. A totally sealed surface has no rough edges (tiny cracks or pores) which ensures it will stay cleaner for much longer and once it gets dirty, cleaning is very easy and most of times does not require the use of any detergents. However, we recommend using tiny amounts of car shampoo to lubricate the surface when washing the car – that will keep swirl mark build up to the minimum.

For best results on paintwork, the surface has to be machine polished before Ultimate Nano Coat v1 application. We recommend using oil/wax/filler free polishing compounds, or polishes with minimal amounts of oils/waxes/fillers in the content. After polishing the paintwork has to be degreased with panel wipe or IPA. This will ensure perfect adhesion conditions for the coating.

For a DIY application, great results can also be achieved if surface is prepared by hand-polishing.

For new cars, technically you would not need to polish it, however, every car dealership will normally put some sort of wax on the car, and therefore a light machine polish can be a better and quicker solution in many cases. Also it’s a fact that the paintwork on new cars does shine much better after a quick polish.

* No training is necessary for Ultimate Nano Coat v1 application. Application instructions can be found within product page Do It Yourself tab.

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