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Perfect Wash keeps on redefining what is possible. It is extremely powerful, but today its new formula makes its use safer than ever.

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Its new formula is twice more powerful than that of any monocomponent pre-wash product. No other car cleaning product is so powerful. It can be used safely on the delicate parts of cars; does not damage aluminium or plastic parts on BMW, Mercedes and Audi cars. You’ll be free to wash cars in total safety, without worrying about the weather or the brand of the car you are washing.

Directions for use:

  • Touchless car wash facilities: for average cars, use 250 ml of product per car.
  • Self-serve car wash facilities: for brushless wash, use 80-100ml of product per car.
  • Automatic car wash facilities: program the dosing pump at 6 lt/h, 20 -30 impulse and wheel rims.
  • Automatic cleaning: program the dosing pump at 12 lt/h, 50 impulses.
  • Hand car wash: with a sprayer dilute the product 1:50 in water , and for wheel rims hand cleaning dilute the product 1:10 in water.
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