Mille Fine Polishing Compound


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Formulated to remove fine swirls and scratches, RUPES Mille Fine is used after RUPES Mille Coarse to finalize the paint perfection and create a surface that is ready to be protected. The RUPES Mille Fine removes moderate to fine defects from paint and is used as a secondary step to a more aggressive compound. RUPES Mille Fine finishes without holograms, and prepares the surface to be followed-up by either the RUPES Mille Ultra-Fine or a paint protection product.

Use the RUPES Mille Fine polish with the RUPES Mille Fine Yellow Mille Foam Pad to refine the surface of your paint and restore intense gloss and clarity. For best results, follow it up with either the RUPES Mille Ultra-Fine polish or a paint protection product.

  • 1 L

Premium micro-abrasives and a specialized lubrication system allow RUPES Mille Fine Compound to remove moderate-to-fine imperfections, finish without holograms, and at the same time maintain the ideal operator experience by smoothing the aggressive movement of the LK900E Gear-Driven Polisher. Each aspect of the Mille Fine Polishing Compound was carefully considered to strike the ideal balance of smooth application and defect removing performance without compromise by the RUPES development team.

Use Mille Fine Polishing Compound as a stand-alone solution for moderate or fine defect removal in one step, or as a follow-up step to a more aggressive cutting compound. Safe for all paint systems.

Mille Fine Polishing Compound MSDS

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